Can I ask you a little question?
What’s YOUR morning routine? 
  •  Do you hit snooze 27 times, peel yourself out of bed, and groan until you can inject coffee into your veins? 
  •  Do you wait until the very last second before slapping on your heels as you brush your teeth and straighten your hair? (And still not make it out the door on time.)  
  •  Do you wake up with a big grin on your face, do a full workout, catch up on emails, and cook a healthy breakfast all before 8 am?  
Whatever your morning routine (or lack thereof) -- if you’re not devoting at least 20 minutes to your attraction practice you aren't doing mornings right.
Here’s the dealio...
When we sleep, all attraction and resistance stops which means every morning, we are born again. (Even if you can't open your eyes until that first sip of caffeinated gold!)
This clarity makes mornings the perfect time to align yourself with the dominant vibration that you want to be giving off throughout the day -- so you can manifest only what you truly desire.
Beyond LOA, it's been scientifically proven that people with morning rituals, routines, or habits are MORE successful, happier and healthier than those without.
Bottom line:
A morning attraction practice will lead you to the best LIFE evaaa! 
I 100% credit my amazing life to my simple,
yet super effective morning attraction process.
And guess what?
I’m sharing this entire process in my step-by-step ebook: 
Become a Master Attractor
In this book, I lay down exactly how to use a simple morning routine (the same one I use on the daily) to manifest anything you want. #NBD (Ok, yeah it’s a really, REALLY big deal) 
This book will help you take what you learn in the 5-Day Challenge SO much further and turn you into a manifesting machine in 30 days or less. 
THE DEETS: This book will teach you how to...
  •  Let go of the daily bullshit that's keeping you from receiving #blessings and truly surrender to the Universe.
  •  Manage your vibration and the energy you’re putting out into the world throughout your day. 
  •  Travel through life relaxed, feeling secure and free! You’re confident you’re on the right path and in total alignment. (Hint: Because you are!)  
  •  Fast-track your manifestation goals, dreams, and wishes you've been putting off for tooooo long! 
  •  Crush resistance and disbelief so you can feel excited about receiving badass bliss from the Universe!  
Now, is this just some fluffy, feel-good,
woo-woo stuff? 
Hell no.
Sure, I spend MUCH of my time in the clouds, but at the end of the day -- none of this stuff works unless it can be applied in the REAL WORLD. 
I’ve suffered real traumas -- bullshit was not going to fix my life -- I needed that something that works for life’s REAL problems.
And that’s what this book is ALL ABOUT! 
Warning: Tough Love ahead 
You have a choice.  
You can wait until you’ve hit rock bottom, keep tolerating your current circumtances,
 and never reach your dreams...
You can commit to taking a few minutes every morning to create a massive shift in your life with this super fun, yet crazy powerful step-by-step system. 
I dunno about you, but I think the choice is clear. 
Let’s get started creating your amazing miracles TODAY!
(errr tomorrow morning!) 
Become a Master Attractor 
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: ✨The Become A Master Attractor Journal! ✨That's right; I created this super sexy, crazy easy-to-use journal to pair with Become a Master Attractor. No need to continually reference the book as you do your morning journaling exercise. Instead, all the prompts you need are right on the page. You don’t even have to think about it! And the best part? You’ll never run out of pages. Because you can always just print more! Yeah, I kinda thought of everything.

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