Money & Miracles

In this beautiful online workshop, you will learn all the steps necessary to have a mindset that attracts money & miracles. 

You will learn how to clear away all the blocks, beliefs, and bullshit to your miracle mindset that attracts more money and abundance into your life.
3-Part Streaming Video, Audio & PDF Workshop!
In The Money & Miracles Workshop You Can Expect: 
  • A three part, 90-minute long inspirational workshop on how to unleash your divine powers for more money & miracles.
  •  Part One: Here you will learn all about who you REALLY are, the four letter word that EVERYONE constantly uses that blocks their abundance, and your secret superpower that you must use to attract all of your desires. 
  •  Part Two:  Clearing The Blocks To Your Abundance. My signature and powerful, "Undoing Process' that clears the blocks and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in a scarcity life. This process is PROFOUND!
  •  Part Three: Living The Miracle Life.  You will learn the three principles, that will help you, overtime, have a miracle mindset, and a miracle mindset attracts goodness into your life like money.  
  •  A powerful Prosperity Meditation to help you start your day with a miracle mind that attracts money. 
  •  Printable Checklists of all the processes and techniques for easy reference. 
  •  This workshop is 100% online and available via streaming video, audio and ebook download. You get them all to keep forever! 
Become A Magnet For Money & Miracles 
Get the 90-minute video workshop, mp3 audio, ebook, prosperity meditation and easy to reference checklists of all the processes, steps, and tools discussed in the workshop
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“ In the short period of really giving your workshop a try, I have received a dollar raise at work, offered a place in a school program that I have been debating applying for years (the program has a wait list of two - four years. I got in at first application.) I have reconnected with my boyfriend- a relationship that I thought was on the way out-and I've started running again which will be great for health and positive body image. I just want to say thanks. Keep up the good work! You are helping a lot of people even just getting the ball rolling in there lives. Thanks again." 
- Katherine
“As an LOA Coach, Connie is like a rare, badass unicorn! One of a kind, and someone who you would be blessed to work with! She has a gift for not only telling things like it is, but also always having the right bit of information and perfect on the spot advice when you need it most. I have never met another person who has pushed me to my limits and back to be the best possible version of myself, and neither will you!”
- Heather Rosenbaum
“Connie’s no-nonsense, straightforward attitude and outlook on all things in the Universe, along with her contagious positive energy, easily affects those around her for the better!
Work with her. Learn from her.
Grow from her lessons and allow her to help guide you to change your life for the better! I can promise you that you will NEVER regret it!”
- Maieli Kukas
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