FREE 5-Day 
Manifesting Challenge!
Learn the foolproof formula -- that took me 5 years to perfect -- to push past blocks, beliefs, and BS to manifest anything you want.
(And I mean ANYTHING!)
FREE 5-Day Manifesting Challenge!
Learn the foolproof formula -- that took me 5 years to perfect -- to push past blocks, beliefs, and bullsh*t and manifest anything you want.
(And I mean ANYTHING!)
Manifesting what you want is only 5-steps away...
Don't let your condescending boss, never-ending bills, student loans, ex-lovers, and past traumas rob you of the TRUTH that life is supposed to be easy, magical, fun, and abundant. 
The universe wants YOU to get everything YOU want. (It’s true!) 
You know, something like...
  •  The fairytale romance with the partner of your dreams.
  •  A sparkly new Tesla -- the one that costs more than your house.  
  •  For you to make a positive impact with a biz that brings you bucks. 
  •  Permanent weight loss or to heal your body of illness.  
  •  Clarity on what your damn purpose even is!  
Whatever you want in this world -- just know you can get it. 
Which sounds great... only one problem. HOW? 
Introducing my free 5-Day Manifesting Challenge!
I'm sure you've heard about the powers of manifesting
and the Law of Attraction
Maybe you've even dabbled a little. But for some reason, it never quite clicked.
I know -- the information out there is beyond overwhelming. (And much of it misleading.)  
Which is why over the course of 5 days, I'll send you easy-to-swallow video challenges where I break down the Law of Attraction and share the simple, manifesting formula that absolutely changed my life.
During this challenge, you'll …
  •  Uncover the beliefs and blocks that mess with your manifesting mojo!
  •  Learn the ONE THING you MUST be doing daily to supercharge the Law of Attraction and become a manifesting magnet! 
  •  Be freed from the responsibility and pressure of having to figure out "how" you will make things happen.  
  •  Become best friends with a powerful LOA principal that will put you on the fast-track to manifesting all that you want. 
  •  Learn the two magic words that instantly take you from "hoping" all of your dreams will come true, to EXPECTING them.  
The confusion, the disorganization and the procrastion,
all reasons that keep us from manifesting our desires...it ends here. 
Note: I created this challenge (well, in all honesty, I created this challenge so I could make a bunch of new friends that love to talk about LOA as much as I do) because this formula changed my life. And to this day, it's the formula I use to continue to manifest my new goals and wishes. I want you to have it too so you can manifest all that YOU want and become a happier version of yourself! Happier people make for a happier world.
Hi, I’m Connie Trowbridge
I come to you today not as a perfect-life-living-guru, but as someone who’s experienced serious trauma and is now living a life I don't dread and hate anymore!
I’m not here to share sugar coated fluff -- I’m here to show you real manifesting strategies made for the REAL WORLD. 
You see, as a child, I was sexually abused and beaten for over 10 years by my father and stepmother. My first suicide attempt was at age 9 and then again at age 16. 
Heavy, I know. 
But a little voice inside (spoiler alert: that voice was my Higher Self) told me if I could just be strong and hang on for a little while longer, I would have the life of my dreams.
That moment was THE moment for me (you know in the movies when the hero rises, ready to change their life after hitting rock bottom? Yeah. That was me!)
I was set on a journey to becoming a conscious creator, a teacher, a lightworker.
If someone like me -- who has a history of suicide, depression, drugs, and abuse -- can not only turn their life around but become a joyful and loving being who consciously creates their life….YOU can too.
My life has been far from perfect. I've never had it easy. Until now. For the past 5 years, I've been manifesting an entirely new reality. I've healed my traumas, I've let go of my victim mentality, and now I live a first-class life.
Here I am, using my past, the obstacles I had to overcome, and my experience with abuse to show you that you too, can manifest the life of your dreams. 
(The answer is OBVS!) 
Psst. Even though this challenge is free, that doesn't mean you ‘get what you pay for.' I could charge hundreds for this program, but I wanted you to have easy access to this life-changing information (and have fun learning it all). However, this challenge will only work if you fully commit! #trust
So let’s dive in!

“ I came across the 5-day manifestation challenge on instagram and after watching the first video, I found myself looking forward to the other ones on the rest of the four days. The action steps in each video make all the difference. Connie emphasizes on the importance of the first step and I would do the same. The first step helped me to release a lot of limiting beliefs. I felt extremely peaceful and calm after the activity. I found out what was holding me back and after having a conversation with Connie, I am now on my way to removing these blocks and loving a better life. Thank you very much Connie.”
- Maneka S.
“As an LOA Coach, Connie is like a rare, badass unicorn! One of a kind, and someone who you would be blessed to work with! She has a gift for not only telling things like it is, but also always having the right bit of information and perfect on the spot advice when you need it most. I have never met another person who has pushed me to my limits and back to be the best possible version of myself, and neither will you!”
- Heather Rosenbaum
“Connie’s no-nonsense, straightforward attitude and outlook on all things in the Universe, along with her contagious positive energy, easily affects those around her for the better!
Work with her. Learn from her.
Grow from her lessons and allow her to help guide you to change your life for the better! I can promise you that you will NEVER regret it!”
- Maieli Kukas
“What can I say about Connie? She's just awesome! She knows her stuff. After only a few sessions of working with Connie and my life has changed! Sometimes I have a hard time believing all the positives and good things that have happened to me since working with her because it happened so fast. And it's so different from the life I had before her. All I can say is, thank you, Connie, for your excellent coaching and for your patience with me.”
- Lo Bell
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