How to Get What You Want:
The Art of Manifesting Workshop 
Stop dicking around and get in alignment! Everyone’s talking about ‘manifestation’ these days. But what does it mean? 
When people hear the word, they often think...
1. It’s woo-woo hippie shit -- but sounds a little interesting...

2. Thinking your way to a new reality? WAAAAAY too good to be true. Right? 

3. Do I really have to think **positively** ALL the time? Sounds exhausting! 

4. I love it! -- I just have NO idea where to start. 

5. What’s manifestation? 
Well, I’d like you to set your preconceived notions aside because I’m doin’ this manifesting thang in a whole new way. 
Join me for my FREE video training
How to Get What You Want: The Art of Manifesting Workshop 
This week, I'll send you 3 free exclusive training videos packed with manifestation myth busting, proven practices (the ones I use every day), and the tools you need to create whatever you WANT! 
During this in-depth training, you'll discover...

Video #1 - Why you don’t have it yet!

The two huge misunderstandings currently blocking you from manifesting what you want. 

Video #2 - 3 of the most powerful manifesting secrets! 

Shift your energy, only attract what you want, and allow GOOD things to happen on the reg!

Video #3 - The ultimate blueprint for perfect, manifesting bliss!

Clear negative, fearful, crappy energy from your body and embrace your birthright as a conscious creator. 
Take a brief second and close your eyes. 
(Actually, don’t close your have to keep reading...)
 But take a deep breath and imagine
how awesome it would be if you....
  •  Didn’t have to worry about debt or finances.
  •  Knew with 100% certainty you could accomplish ANY career goals. (Without feeling like you have to hustle or grind.)
  •  Maintained lifelong weight loss with ease and loved your body. 
  •  Easily attracted relationships (romantic and otherwise) and fuel your heart and soul. 
  •  Felt confident that every move you make is leading you to greater alignment. 
  •  Woke up every morning feeling endlessly grateful for the amazing life that YOU created. 
THIS is the power of manifestation. 
Now, at this point, you might be saying, "this sounds too good to be true.” 
And you know what? You’re Right!
Whatever you believe, you are right.
If you believe that the Law of Attraction won’t work for you, well, it won't! 
Your beliefs determine your outcomes, and that's what this workshop is ALL about. 
I want to help you become happier, wealthier, and make the most out of your beautiful life. 
Success, joy, and abundance are your BIRTHRIGHT. 
Hi, I’m Connie Trowbridge
I did not come from a #blessed life. Quite the opposite. 
I come from a background of attempted suicides, child abuse, PTSD, drug addiction, and homelessness. I’ve hit the rocks under most people’s rock bottom. 
But I didn’t stay there long. 
I wanted to stop suffering from my trauma, worrying about how I was going to pay my rent, fretting over the opportunities I couldn’t provide my daughter, and spending one more day in my soul-sucking 6 by 6 cubicle. Even just not feeling like such a failure felt like an impossible dream. 
So I dedicated myself to changing my life and was set on a journey to becoming a conscious creator, a teacher, a lightworker.
For the past 5 years, I've been manifesting an entirely new reality. I've healed my traumas, I've let go of my victim mentality, and now I live a first-class life.
If someone like me -- who has a history of suicide, depression, drugs, and abuse -- can not only turn their life around but become a joyful and loving being who consciously creates their life….YOU can too!
In fact, since 2012, I have helped hundreds and hundreds of women, let go of the blocks, beliefs, and bullshit that keeps them from manifesting a life they love.  
And now I’m here to help YOU!  
Are you ready to learn how to tap into the flow of abundance and prosperity and manifest everything you desire?
(You know it!) 
Psst. Even though this video training is free, that doesn't mean you ‘get what you pay for.' I could charge hundreds for this program, and actually, after I run this series I am! This is your last chance to get in while this program is still FREE! 
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